We’re here to increase your property valuation

Technology is moving forward at a record pace. Legacy solutions are a thing of the past and demand for connectivity is insatiable. Our smart building solutions, are among the suite of solutions we offer our customers and partners. Delivering the very latest technology, offering untapped revenue sources, focusing on your needs and increasing the worth of your property – that’s our value.


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Cellular Connectivity

  • Neutral host in-building cellular coverage
  • Deliver ubiquitous cellular coverage
  • Boost signal strength & increase capacity
  • Zero cost to property owners
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Broadband & Wireless Services

  • Broadband & wireless Internet service
  • Up to one Gbps broadband service
  • Best-in-class reliability & performance
  • Revenue share opportunities for property owners
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Cloud Internet Services

  • Proprietary, secure and intelligent SAAS solution
  • Scalable, adaptable and customizable
  • Multi-environment team collaboration
  • API, marketplace and exchange
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Strategic Branding

  • Messaging & branding
  • Sales & marketing materials
  • Concept, design, implementation
  • Customized scope-of-work


Increased property valuation

Increased tenant retention

Increased lease potential

GLOBAL system management

Revenue share opportunities

Reduced maintenance costs

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