Our roots

Fifteen years ago Black Dot Wireless recognized an opportunity for property owners to monetize their rooftops and maximize the long-term value of their assets. Since then, Black Dot has helped create over $1 billion in untapped property owner valuation.

Today’s rapidly expanding technology incited a strategic pivot.
We asked ourselves: How can we help property owners make more money in the digital revolution? Disruptive Visions was born.

Our rules

We’re not the first company to recognize the convergence of technology, connectivity and real estate but we play by different rules.

We solve property owner pain points with disruptive solutions. We thrive in an eat-what-you kill eco-system.

We have skin-in-the-game and performance-based compensation to prove it.

We think ahead because technology moves forward. We believe solutions that don’t move you forward – will set you back. We connect at the speed of smart. We are Disruptive Visions.


Marc Anthony Chief Executive Officer

25+ years expertise in corporate finance, real estate, technology & telecommunications. Founder Disruptive Visions, Black Dot Wireless & Wireless Capital Partners.

Gary Arnett Chief Financial Officer

25+ years expertise in corporate finance, capital markets and accounting with leadership roles in commercial real estate, technology, Dot.com and telecommunications industry companies.

Mark Chepel Chief Technology Officer

20+ years expertise in technology and application development. Multiple leadership roles with large enterprise launching ERP, CRM, inventory, and online marketing systems.

Gary Mordock General Counsel

40+ years of legal experience with expertise in real estate, technology licensing, corporate governance, employment, counsel and direction in the sale of multi-million dollar companies.

Jerry Sullivan Chairman, Advisory Board

20+ years Executive experience in private & public telecom companies. COB, President, & CEO of Kite Broadband LLC maintained nationwide operations of Sprint Broadband Direct.